Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I get a Posh Potties luxury mobile restroom for my event?
Yes, you can, depending on what part of the country you are in. Posh Potties is a Lagos based company and we serve many states in Nigeria.
2What are the features of Posh Potties luxury mobile restrooms?
Posh Potties restrooms are fully air-conditioned with faucets, hand wash dispensers and foot-pedal flushers. Additional features include deodorisers, waterless and odour-free urinals, paper products, and an onsite generator. For exceptional service, two on-site attendants, male and female, will maintain the restrooms, replenish supplies and clean after each guest.
3How do I decide which restroom is best for my event?
We will help you decide which restroom will be the best for your event. Considerations are type of event, number of guests, location, and “wait in line time”. For instance, an event with free flowing alcohol will have different needs from an event without. Let us help you decide. Please be realistic when estimating the number of guests expected so that tank capacity and “wait in line time” can be evaluated. As a general rule, the following estimates may be used.

Luxury Mobile Restroom Size Calculator
UnitsNumber of people
Midi-Unit(4 stations)200 or less
Maxi-Unit(6 stations)400 or less
Grande-Unit(7 stations)500 or less

4Where can the Posh Potties Mobile Luxury Restroom unit be placed?
Our primary concern is to ensure your guests have a wonderful experience at your event. The luxury restrooms need to be placed on secure ground and a level surface, free from obstruction, electricity cables and visible to your guests. Safety is our top priority and we will work with you to ensure the smooth delivery of our restrooms.
5How much advanced notice do I need to rent a mobile luxury restroom?
Posh Potties recommends reserving a restroom as soon as it is decided that it will be needed. The restroom are on a first-come-first-serve basis. In order to confirm a reservation, the deposit amount located on the invoice must be paid. All quotes are subject to availability at the time of quote.
6Do you provide delivery and setup?
Yes we do, our restroom are delivered, setup and test-run most times a day prior to the event.